2015 Airport Master Plan

The Bismarck Airport is in the process of updating the airport master plan. The airport master plan will examine the Airport’s needs over a 20-year period and include a detailed focus on numerous areas of interest which will have a bearing on the management and development of the Airport over the short, medium, and long-term period. The elements of an airport master plan will vary in complexity and the level of detail, depending on the size, function, issues, and challenges facing an airport. The Bismarck Airport Master Plan will be developed using the Federal Aviation Administration’s Advisory Circular 150/5070-6B, entitled “Airport Master Plans” (PDF). In addition, the Bismarck Airport Master Plan includes a public involvement program which provides Bismarck residents, airport tenants, and other airport users with the opportunity to provide feedback and comments throughout the airport master planning process.


This Airport master plan will serve as an opportunity to incorporate fresh thinking and innovative ideas on how to prepare for future aviation activity over the next twenty years. Once complete, the Bismarck Airport Master Plan will serve as the roadmap for future development, establish a plan to minimize waste, and demonstrate the long-term commitment to provide first-class facilities for the airport’s users - all while maintaining a focus on cost and benefit. View a more thorough description of the master planning process (PDF).

Comments for the Bismarck Airport Master Plan

Public Involvement Information

Schedule (PDF)

Master Plan Chapters

Draft Airport Layout Plan